We affirm microchurch as the most basic expression of the church. Our ecclesiology is simple. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish part of the mission of God, they are the church.



Canguros (KAN-GU-ROS), is a licensed Family Child Care Home
located in central St. Pete, focused on the well-being and education of
children ages 2.5-5 years. 
Canguros provides holistic schooling for preschoolers in a home environment that fosters natural, healthy family-like relationships. Our teacher-to-child ratio never exceeds 1:4 so that each child may receive the very best attention and care.

Ms. Linda, Canguros Lead Teacher, holds a Master’s in Education with 18 years of experience working with children from diverse backgrounds. She’s committed to seeing Canguros kids thrive!

Canguros is a for-profit daycare in the St. Pete area that meets M-F 8am-12pm. To learn more about how to support or get involved please contact Ms. Linda below


Looking to get connected with this organization and learn more about what they do? Click the link below to reach out to this Microchurch Leader!